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Fix Dripping Faucets Fast 

A leaky faucet is one of the most frivolous ways to wastewater in the home. Experts estimate that billions of gallons of treated water are wasted every year simply due to leaks in the plumbing system. Many of those leaks result from leaky faucets that are easy to repair but waste tons of money on water bills while they go unaddressed. 

This spring, take a moment to check out all of the faucets in the home. Repairing leaks is a great item to add to spring cleaning checklists, and there has never been a better time to learn how to fix a dripping faucet. Here are the three most common causes of dripping faucets and how to fix them. 

Replace the O-Ring

o ringFaucets can seem complex for those who have never had the nerve to take one apart, but they are pretty simple once a little experience is gained. A faucet's job is to stop water on its journey to the sink and hold it there until it is called for. To accomplish this, three moving parts have to be able to withstand repeated usage and movement within the body of the faucet. 

One of the most delicate components of the moving parts of the faucet is the o-ring. O-rings are small rubber rings that let the faucet's valve stem slide inside the body without allowing water to seep through. When o-rings start to fail, they will allow water to seep out around the faucet's handle. The problem won't stop until the O-ring is replaced. 

Worn Out Washers 

For leaks that happen at the spout, the source is slightly different. The washer on the valve stem is what the actual opening and closing of the valve supply water to the spout. When the washer wears out, water can seep into the spout and leak. 

Washers are usually molded rubber, and they are located at the bottom of the valve stem. Due to the demands of being opened and closed repeatedly, they can wear out every few years. Simply pull the valve stem and find a suitable replacement washer to replace them. 

Damaged Valve Seat 

valveAnytime a leak is present in the sink, it is a good idea to go ahead and replace all three major moving parts in the faucet. Each one will have the same "mileage" on it, and the parts are cheap, so always look to replace the o-ring, the washer, and the valve seat, the final common point of failure on a faucet. 

Start by removing the valve stem after the water has been shut off to the fixture. This is where the o-ring and washer are located. At the bottom of the opening, the valve seat will likely be rubber. In some cases, if a rubber washer is present, the valve seat may be a part of the metal body of the sink. Check for damage and replace it if necessary. This, coupled with replacing the washer and valve seat, will stop all drips from a faucet. 

About Anytime Plumbing, LLC

Anytime Plumbing, LLC is ready to help all homeowners who feel out of their depth regarding plumbing repairs. Their qualified leak specialists can fix leaks and save homeowners money on wasted water. Call today for a faucet leak service in Las Vegas, NV. 

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