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Homeowners Should Act Fast When Scheduling the HVAC System 

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that most HVAC systems can last up to 15 years. However, this isn’t a guarantee for all systems. This longevity requires homeowners to schedule annual maintenance visits with an HVAC professional. 

The seasons are hard on the system, especially during the winter and fall. The temperature fluctuations, components, and other factors can shorten an AC’s lifespan by months––especially if certain issues remain unaddressed. Here, one can learn all about the benefits of scheduling an AC maintenance visit. 

The Many Benefits of HVAC Maintenance 

saveThe benefits of hiring a professional who specializes in servicing HVACs include: 
  • An increased lifespan. As noted, HVACs systems can last over a decade with proper maintenance. Professionals can assess problems, gauge the system’s functionality, and offer preventative maintenance tips.
  • Saving money. No one wants to continuously pay money to fix a failing heater. Having a professional inspect the system can avoid spending thousands of dollars on once-preventable issues.
  • Reduced frustration. While the rest of the country enjoys brisk, mild weather in autumn, Las Vegas residents fare differently. At night, temperatures can sink into the low 50s. This makes it vital for the system to work as expected. 

HVAC systems do more than keep a home cool. They regulate the home’s internal air quality, prevent mold growth, and make a house a home. 

What Does Heating Maintenance Entail? 

filterWhen a professional maintains a heater, they will: 
  • Change the air filter. Per EnergyStar, homeowners should change their HVAC unit’s air filter every three months. A professional can check the air filter and see if it needs replacing. A poorly fitted or small air filter would not let the system work as expected.
  • Check for any leaks. HVAC systems require refrigerants to cool and heat air. If there’s a leak, this refrigerant could escape, preventing the system from functioning properly.
  • Sealing and insulating ducts. The HVAC system is more than the AC unit. It may rely on ducts to transfer air throughout the home. By ensuring these ducts are functioning properly, air won’t escape the system, and the house will remain cool (or warm, if one relies on a heating system). 

Depending on the HVAC system’s state, a professional may recommend getting a new system. This could be more cost-effective than continuously spending money on repairs. 

It’s Never Too Early to Worry About the Heater 

It’s hard to schedule maintenance visits during the fall and winter. That’s because other Las Vegas residents are also scheduling appointments. Waiting too long could mean weeks of waiting until a professional can assess the system. That means weeks of suffering through inclement temperatures and various problems. 

When one promptly schedules a preventative maintenance visit, they: 

  • Prevent problems from affecting the heater’s functionality 
  • Save money  
  • Regulate their home’s energy consumption 
  • Prevent the heater from malfunctioning and damaging the home 

No one wants to deal with a cold home during a cold front. Planning can yield the benefits listed above and more. 

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