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Signs That Indicate AC Repair or Replacement is Needed 

Few places need reliable air conditioning, like the local region. During the summers, temperatures can soar to dangerous levels, and the only way to stay safe is to ensure the air conditioner can keep up. Unfortunately for some, this summer will be the season when the air conditioner fails to keep them safe. 

Don’t take chances with the summer heat. Learn to recognize the signs of a broken AC. Furthermore, learn which signs indicate air conditioning repair or replacement is the best option. Here are three signs to watch for as the summer heats up. 

House Isn’t Comfortable 

hotThe first sign of an air conditioner needing repairs is a warmer home than usual. For some, this may manifest as an uncomfortable feeling that persists for a few days before they notice it. For others, they may recognize the sign right away and seek immediate relief. Calling a professional at the first signs of discomfort can make the difference between an uncomfortable afternoon and a miserable week. 

One of the causes that might be to blame for an air conditioner that can’t keep up is a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks are an indication that air conditioner repairs are needed. In most cases, technicians can make repairs quickly. 

If the air conditioner is old and uses outdated refrigerants when leaks are found, the best option may be AC replacement. New refrigerants are cheaper, allowing air conditioners to use less power, saving money on monthly bills. 

High Energy Bills

Another sign that air conditioners are having trouble is high energy bills. Energy bills always go up during the summer, mostly due to air conditioner usage, but when the air conditioner needs repairs, the bills can truly skyrocket. 

Air conditioner maintenance is the best way to keep bills under control. Allowing technicians to maintain units in the spring can locate problems before they become serious, reducing repair and energy bills. 

Even if good AC maintenance is observed, the air conditioner will still lose efficiency. Once a unit has been in service for 15 years, the loss of efficiency will make air conditioner replacement the obvious choice. Check the label plate on the AC unit to determine the age of the system, then decide how to start saving on energy bills. 

Bad Odors and Strange Noises 

smellBad odors and strange noises are common in units that need repairs or replacement. Some specific example of this are things like: 

  • Musty odors that can’t be covered up in the home, caused by high humidity
  • Thumping noises coming from ductwork that has come loose
  • Hissing noises in the evaporator coil as the system runs indicates a low refrigerant charge
  • Dripping sounds in and around the central unit and ductwork that are signs of leaks

All of these are signs that the ductwork or air conditioner needs attention. When these are noticed, call for professional opinions before things get serious. 

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