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Save Water With These Professional Tips 

Summer is the best season, but with all of the summer fun, bills will also skyrocket. During the summer, people pay exorbitant cooling bills to stay comfortable in the heat and higher water bills. Put together, all of these extra costs can put a cramp on the budget that is intended to be used for fun and recreation. 

Saving water during the summer is a simple and cost-effective way to protect the budget. With these tips, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars throughout the season, which is money that can go directly into the summertime budget. Here are the best tips from local experts to help homeowners save money on water bills and lower their water usage

Install Water-Saving Devices 

saveThe best thing about saving water is, for the most part, it can be done effortlessly. Homeowners thoughtlessly lower their bills by getting devices and appliances to do the work without ever realizing it. To make the biggest impact, think of the biggest water hogs in the home and start there. 

The shower is likely the biggest user of water during the summer. A long shower with an ineffective showerhead can use excessive amounts of water. Instead, install a low-flow showerhead. Home members can cut water usage by as much as 20% using this water-saving device. 

The second biggest water user in the home is probably the toilet. With every flush, a toilet will use several gallons of water. New styles of toilets have dual flush options, or they use new developments to be water-saving toilets. By making these two simple changes, owners will notice big savings on their water and sewer bills. 

Know the Best Time to Water the Lawn 

lawnDue to the local climate, watering the lawn and landscaping can be a significant portion of the monthly water bill. Knowing how to conserve water during irrigation practices can greatly impact water savings as well as the health of the landscaping. 

To water the lawn properly, always water very early in the morning before the sun rises. This allows the irrigation water to gently soak into the soil and be taken up by plants before the sun evaporates the water. Watering at night isn’t recommended because it increases the likelihood of mold and other diseases that can adversely affect ornamentals and turfgrass. Additionally, never pass up the opportunity to let Mother Nature do the work. Don’t water during a rainstorm. 

Other Tips to Conserve Water 

Once new water-saving devices are in place and good irrigation practices are observed, home members should focus on water-saving habits. With a few changes in habits, water bills can noticeably drop. Look for opportunities to save water like: 

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Take shorter showers or even turn the water off while scrubbing
  • Scrape dishes into the trash before loading them in the dishwasher
  • Thaw foods in the refrigerator instead of a sink full of hot water 
  • Repair leaks immediately

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