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Sump Pump Installation is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

As the holidays approach, many homeowners begin to take stock of the things they want for their homes. After all, owning a home is an expensive but fulfilling endeavor. And if there's something "Santa" can get to help the household run a little smoother, then why not put it on the holiday wishlist? But there are common items that make great household gifts that are often overlooked. And sump pumps fit neatly in that category. But what is a sump pump? Do Las Vegas homes need a sump pump installed? And if so, what kind? Read on to learn why sump pump installation is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Why Have a Sump Pump Installed?

pumpSump pumps are installed in the home's lowest part in a sump pump basin or a sump pit. These basins are generally made of fiberglass or clay, and they're the first place water will collect in the event of a flood or simply excess moisture buildup. When moisture collects in the sump pump basin, the pump will do its work and send the water out of the home, usually directing it out a pipe somewhere on the property so it won't flow back under the house. 

But since basements are rare in Las Vegas homes, the question remains: do Vegas homes need sump pumps? Since sump pumps are a kind of insurance against floods and water damage, it's easy to answer this question. Just like all homes need insurance, all homes should have a sump pump — just in case! Although Las Vegas doesn't get a ton of storms, all it takes is one bad one to do tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a house. Installing a sump pump will help prevent that from happening. 

Different Types of Sump Pumps

pumpsThere are two primary types of sump pumps to choose from: submersible and pedestal. Submersible sump pumps are designed with the pump body and the motor in one unit. The whole thing can go underwater without fear of damaging it. In fact, the water can help keep the motor from overheating while it's pumping. 

Pedestal sump pumps are slightly different because they have the motor on a pedestal, up out of the sump pit or basin. These motors aren't supposed to get wet, so they're mounted above the pump located down in the pit or basin. Since these pumps are a little thinner than submersible pumps, they do well in narrow pits that can't fit a submersible pump. 

Backup or Secondary Sump Pumps

Since most sump pumps run on the home's electricity, there is often cause for worry about power outages. If the sump pump doesn't have electricity, it can't pump the water out of the crawlspace or basement. This is why some homeowners prefer a backup or secondary sump pump. A sump pump backup unit should run on battery power or water pressure. Battery backup sump pumps are the more popular of the two because they don't need to be hooked to the home's plumbing. 

But combination sump pumps are even more popular than having a separate battery-powered backup sump pump. These have a battery-backup pump built-in. That way, the battery pump will kick on if the power goes out during a torrential downpour and continue to save the house from water damage! It's a convenient way to ensure the house is safe from flooding even when the homeowners are away. 

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