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The Three Dangers of Home Improvement Repairs 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that many in-home fires start because of faulty heaters. Frayed wires, intense heat, and other issues lead to countless injuries and fatalities each year. This makes it all the more important for homeowners to refrain from DIY heater repairs. Rather than attempting to fix a dangerous problem independently, they should consult trained HVAC technicians. 

A Homeowner Risks Misdiagnosing the Problem 

professionalsEveryone’s been there. They sense a problem with their heater, type it into Google, and suddenly, they’re an HVAC expert. This is where many homeowners get it wrong. Without consulting a professional, they risk misdiagnosing the problem, which could: 

  • Make the problem last longer. When technicians examine a heater, they aim to finish the job quickly and efficiently. This allows the homeowner to quickly return to their life without worrying about problems. 
  • Spend more money out of pocket. HVAC professionals have tools that help them fix problems. By attempting a DIY repair, a homeowner could have to buy these items by themselves, sometimes overshadowing the cost of the repair itself. 
  • Make costly errors. If they don’t 100 percent know what they’re doing, a homeowner should cause further damage to the heater. In serious situations, they could damage the whole system, requiring replacement.

Some homeowners may misdiagnose a problem as less serious than it is. Then, when attempting the repair, they hurt themselves–and no one wants that. 

Amateurs Could Spend Hours Toiling on a Small Issue 

timeA scenario for readers’ consideration. A homeowner thinks their heater needs a new air filter. So, they go to the store, spend $20, and go home. Unfortunately, they got the wrong-sized air filter. They head back to the hardware store, wait in line, return the old filter, then get a new one. Same problem; it’s still the wrong size. 

Back to the hardware store. Return filter. Get a new one. This time, it fits. But that wasn’t the problem. Turns out there’s a problem with the heater’s coils, needing a professional’s insight. There’s no getting that wasted time back. 

As noted, professionals aim to get the problem done quickly and accurately. They don’t waste time and money getting the job done. They give homeowners the time and peace of mind they deserve. 

Homeowners Could Have to Deal with an Insurance Nightmare 

Insurance companies (and yes, even the ones on TV) are for-profit businesses. They exist to make money by selling policies. When they learn of a claim, their employees sometimes do everything possible to refute liability. 

But how does this relate to DIY repairs? Well, many HVAC professionals carry insurance. This covers any damages that happen if they accidentally make a mistake. Some homeowners don’t have that luxury. If they make a mistake while attempting a DIY repair, they could have to pay for those losses out of pocket––possibly putting them in financial straits. This is yet another reason to consider partnering with an insured HVAC contractor. 

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