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Don't Make It Worse

Published by Parisa Ostovari

The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

When it comes to plumbing, there's a reason why most of it is left to the professionals. In many cases, if a person does not know how to properly fix a problem, a bad situation can become much worse. However, there are many people who rely on inaccurate information when it comes to their Las Vegas plumbing.

Las Vegas, NV plumbing_services_360Whether it's a myth passed down from father to son or a tip that's picked up at work, the majority of plumbing myths are nothing more than inaccuracies that will never do as well as they sound. If you're using myths around your home, here are some reasons why it's best to try a new way of thinking.

Lemon Rinds vs. Soap and Water

For years, people have trusted lemon rinds to get their disposals clean. However, all they've done is keep their disposal smelling like lemons. To clean a disposal, using a cleaning solution of soap and warm water will not only make it smell good, but also disinfect it as well.

By spraying some into the disposal and letting it thoroughly soak everything for about 15 minutes, all remaining bacteria and food particles will disappear. However, be sure the disposal is unplugged before doing so, or it's possible you might get shocked.

How Not to Prevent Clogs

Apparently, running water down a drain works wonders. Not only does it keep clogs from forming, but it also allows a garbage disposal to grind up anything that is put into it at anytime. Unfortunately, these myths are anything but true.

Hot water running in a drain will not prevent clogs from forming, especially if cooking oil or grease is being poured down the drain at the same time. And if such items as cigarettes, empty metal cans, or fibrous food leftovers like banana peels and corn cobs are put in the disposal, the blades will often be damaged beyond repair.

Maintaining Pipes, Drains, and Fixtures

Contrary to popular myths, plumbing components such as pipes, drains, and fixtures do require regular maintenance. If not checked regularly, they can experience leaks, rust, or other problems that a Las Vegas plumber will need to repair.

In addition, fixtures can also develop leaks that need to be repaired and also require regular cleaning to look good as new. However, don't make the mistake of using hand soap, since it will damage the finish and make the fixtures appear dirty and worn.

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