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Anytime Plumbing, LLC provides specialized heating services, just in time for winter! Read on to see us address common questions customers frequently ask us regarding their heating systems. You will find us serving residents throughout the Las Vegas area.

What are Common Heater Problems?

Heater problems can result in property damage as well as physical danger. Proper maintenance is necessary, and every filter attached to the system will have to be replaced on a regular basis. The thermostat on your heater can also malfunction, due to temperature regulation issues.

Gas-powered heaters may also experience pilot problems. Property owners look to us to handle pilot light issues, especially if gas leaks are involved. Even if there are no gas leaks, it will still be difficult to produce heat for your system without a properly functioning pilot light.

Any moving part within your heater can break down, including vents, belts, and motors as well as any auxiliary equipment that happens to be attached to the commercial heating unit.

When your heater begins to show signs of trouble, the most important thing to do is have a licensed professional examine and maintain the unit. This will help ensure that any problems are caught early on, when it is easier and less costly to solve them.

How Long Will Your Heater Last?

On average, you can expect to get anywhere from five to ten years out of your heater; you’ll find your unit will last longer with regular upkeep and maintenance.

Larger heaters with more moving parts also tend to break down more often even with moderate maintenance. More moving parts often lead to more problems. To prolong your heater’s life span, make sure it receives the proper maintenance and repair.

How Can You Avoid Heater Problems?

Remember that saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? Preventive maintenance is the ideal way to avoid extensive problems with your heating unit.

We have a system in place to provide inspections on your HVAC units every six months. Our inspections will help keep an eye out for problems within your heating system.

If your heater is slow to start or stop, or is emitting unusual sounds or odors, we’ll help you solve the problem. Call today at 725-237-1724 for immediate service.