Clogged Toilet Repairs in Las Vegas

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If the plunger or chemical drain opener is working on your clogged toilet, it’s time for professional help. Contact us for long term solutions to keep your toilet drain clear! Anytime Plumbing, LLC serves residents throughout the Las Vegas area.

What’s Causing Your Toilet Clog?

A common cause of clogged toilets is flushing difficult items down, such as paper towels and diapers.

Another source of the problem is your sewer line. Tree roots can find their way into your line through the tiniest of cracks as they search for new sources of water. Once the roots grow inside, they can block your pipes and result in clog problems.

How Can You Avoid Clogs?

Below are tips on keeping your toilet clog free. Some items will require help from your plumber:

  • If you’re planting new trees around your home, make sure not to plant near your sewer line.
  • Schedule routine drain maintenance. If you start to notice slow drains in your sinks, tubs, and shower, chances are your toilet will be affected too in no time.
  • Use biodegradable cleaners and avoid using your toilet to flush anything other than solid or liquid waste.
  • If you have infants or small children, or if you have guests over with children, avoid flushing diapers and wipes down the toilet. It may seem like a quick way to dispose of smelly diapers, but flushing them down will just as quickly clog your toilet.

Get Your Clogged Toilet Fixed, Anytime!

If your toilet is overflowing and plungers are beyond helpful, call your plumber for immediate service. At Anytime Plumbing, LLC, we are available around the clock to control overflowing toilets, as well as severe clog problems.

Call us now at 725-237-1724 for fast, reliable service. Your clogged toilet repair is guaranteed for the long term, so you don’t have to worry about any more surprises in your bathroom!