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Need to have your backflow device inspected? Annual inspection will ensure the safety and quality of your water supply, as well as that of your neighbors.

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What is the Law on Backflow Testing in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, the local code requires homeowners to install a backflow prevention device to help prevent contaminated or polluted water due to backflow.

But backflow prevention doesn’t stop with the installation of the device. You will need to schedule and pass annual testing.

If any homeowner does not meet the requirements, their water supply may be discontinued. Once the tests are returned with satisfactory results, the water will be turned back on.

Why is Backflow Testing Important?

Imagine drinking or washing in contaminated water—without even knowing it.

To prevent illness around your community, it’s crucial that your backflow prevention device passes annual inspection. Not doing so will not only harm your family, but your greater community as well.

How Does Backflow Testing Work?

The backflow valve should be tested by checking for high or low pressure using a gauge. If the valve is loose, then there is risk of backflow. Backflow in your water supply can stream into the larger community and pose as a public health risk.

What’s the Source of Backflow?

Backflow refers to the reversal of the flow of water into the potable (or safe) water supply. When the non-potable water mixes with potable water, this is referred to as backflow. Backflow can cause illness and unpleasant odors.

A loss of pressure in the water supply can cause backflow of water into your drinking water. Contamination can be caused by pet wastes or fertilizers.

The most common type of backflow is backsiphonage, which is caused by a sudden loss of pressure. This may result from a broken water main; if a nearby fire hydrant has been used, backsiphonage can also occur. This is typically not a problem if your plumbing systems are maintained according to code.

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