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It seems to happen overnight, but problems with your sewer line have been developing for weeks or months. Without knowing the causes and signs of sewer line damage, a flooded yard or stagnant plumbing system can take you by surprise.

Don’t get caught off guard. Read on for more on how to spot sewer line trouble before further damage occurs. If you notice problems, contact Anytime Plumbing, LLC for immediate help in the Las Vegas area.

What are Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair?

If your sewer line has suffered a crack or a collapse, you can easily smell the raw sewage.

Flooding in your yard is one of the most overt signs of a sewer line collapse, as raw sewage seeps from the damaged pipe and pools in your yard.

Drainage problems with your toilets also hint at problems with your sewer line, though the issue could also be caused by a clog in your drains.

What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

Stress on your home's sewer line can come from a variety of sources.

Freezing temperatures and changes in the soil can cause your sewer line to shift and crack open.

Similarly, tree roots can break through the tiniest of cracks in the line and severely hinder the normal flow of your pipes.

Debris buildup (sediment, leaves, waste) in your sewer line can clog your system and will require hydrojetting if the buildup has been developing over several years and is too stubborn to remove through regular drain cleaning methods.

How Can You Prevent Problems in the Future?

As your sewer pipe ages, problems are inevitable. However, you can avoid premature damage to your sewer line by keeping your toilets and drains free of solid materials and thicker liquids.

Thick liquids and durable materials in your pipes lead to clogs and early pipe deterioration.

Another way to avoid sewer line problems is to plant trees farther away from the line to prevent roots from invading your pipes.

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