Slab Leak Repairs in Las Vegas

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Slab leaks are found in homes with concrete or cement foundations. Knowing how to identify this issue will help you get the problem repaired in a timely manner.

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Why Do I Have a Slab Leak?

Pipes that have burst can lead to a slab leak. The water that builds up because of the slab leak can cause flooding in your home if not handled right away. This is why it’s crucial to be able to identify a slab leak as soon as possible.

What Are Signs I Have a Slab Leak?

If you notice a crack in the cement flooring or framework that is gushing water, this is a sure sign that the piping underneath has cracked and is in need of repair.

Flooding in your home or outside around your house is a key sign that a slab leak is present.

Where Are Slab Leaks Found?

Slab leaks are often found in areas where the plumbing is running underneath the floor. If you have cement flooring, the cement can crack and start to leak if there is a plumbing problem.

Likewise, slab leaks can also develop outside your home if you are running on city or town water.

Slab leaks often go unnoticed until damage has been done. This is why we recommend contacting your plumber if you notice any leaking within your home. We will be able to get to the source of the problem and determine if a slab leak is the issue.

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