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How often should I have my AC checked out?

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Signs Your AC Unit Needs a Tune-Up


Las Vegas CoolingDetermining when you need to repair an air conditioning unit can be difficult, if you don't pay attention. Watching for several signs can tell you when your air conditioning unit needs a tune-up. These signs aren't difficult to spot as long as you know what to look for.

An obvious sign of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is the smell when your air conditioner is turned on. If your unit has an unpleasant scent, it will need to be taken apart and cleaned. Generally, a unit in need of repair will smell like dust or mildew. Removing this smell can involve having your vents cleaned along with the air conditioning unit.

Another sign that's easy to spot is when you run your air conditioning all the time, but your house doesn't seem to get any more comfortable. Placing your hand in front of a vent allows you to check how cold the air is and whether or not it is blowing strong enough. Air that isn't cool enough and weak airflow are signs that your unit needs to have some work done.

Some signs which your air conditioning unit may display are more urgent than others. A unit which is much louder when it is running may have a malfunctioning engine, and a unit which doesn't blow any air at all may have problems with the furnace or fan. Both of these signs mean that you should call a professional as soon as you can to keep from damaging the system any more.

If any of these signs are noticed, the best course of action is to shut the unit off entirely and call a professional for maintenance. These signs may not mean that your entire air conditioning unit is broken, but continuing to run the unit could make the situation worse.

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