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Add These Outdoor Plumbing Tips to Your Spring Chores Checklist

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Add These Outdoor Plumbing Tips to Your Spring Chores Checklist

Outdoor Plumbing

As residents of Las Vegas, NV gear up for the warm months of spring and summer, it's a good time to take stock of your outdoor plumbing. Cool temperatures tend to have an effect on outdoor appliances, which makes this a good time to perform some basic maintenance.

Spring is an ideal time to see if anything needs to be fixed or replaced before serious watering begins. You may be glad you performed these tasks as damaged equipment can result in costly repairs. Ready for temperatures to rise? Here are some outdoor plumbing tips you should add to your spring cleaning checklist.

Closely Inspect Each Hose

Outdoor HosesFluctuating temperatures can put a lot of strain on hoses, even if they aren't hooked up to your home's plumbing.

Any cracks or leaks can result in increased water consumption and run up your utility bill.

Thousands of gallons of water could go to waste each month, depending on how often you take care of your lawn or garden.

By taking a close look at your hoses, you can spot any anomalies that need fixing.

Put Sprinklers Through a Test Run


One of the easiest things you can do is test your sprinkler system. This is an easy way to spot if there are any issues with the sprinkler heads.

If water doesn't spray outward correctly, it may just require a good cleaning or the services of a professional to fix the problem. Also, keep an eye on your hoses for any signs of leaking water.

Clear Out Your Eavestroughs

Home GuttersWhile it may not be a pleasant chore, making sure your home's eavestroughs are clean can be quite beneficial.

Any buildup of leaves, dirt or other debris can cause clogs and blockages, which compromises drainage capacity.

It's best to take care of any obstructions as soon as possible, or you may find yourself in trouble during the next rainfall.

If water can't make its way through your gutters, it could result in flooding and water damage to your property.

Check Up on the Faucets

Outdoor FaucetBefore hooking up any hoses, you should test each faucet by turning them on and off again. Any dripping could be a symptom of a large problem.

It's recommended you hire a plumber to diagnose the problem and determine whether or not you have a broken pipe on your hands. Outdoor faucets that continue dripping could result in thousands of gallons of wasted water, damage to the property and standing water around the foundation of your home.

A specialist will be able to apply a speedy solution to your problem before it becomes a disaster. There's no need to pay for expensive repairs or high water bills. By conducting routine maintenance on your home's outdoor plumbing during the spring, you can identify and solve any problem right away.

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