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3 Home Cooling Alternatives that are Also Eco-Efficient

Published by Parisa Ostovari

3 Home Cooling Alternatives that are Also Eco-Efficient

If you live in Nevada, you’re aware of how hot it gets during summertime. Living without an AC system in your home is a controversial decision simply because of how high the temperature gets. However, even if you don’t have an AC in your home, there are several eco-efficient options you can try as an alternative.


Open the Windows at Night

When the sun goes down, and you’re getting ready for bed, chances are the temperature outside has cooled down significantly. To take advantage of this cool air, open your windows and create a cross breeze.

The cool air will permeate your home, cooling it down and providing a comfortable climate to sleep in. Letting your home cool down at night will also prepare you for the day ahead. One piece of advice is to ensure that you get up early to close the windows the next day before the temperature starts to rise.

eco-efficient-alternatives-for-your-homeClose your Blinds and Curtains

Once you have closed the windows and trapped in some of that cool night air, close your blinds and curtains too. This will prevent heat gain and keep your home cool throughout the day. The Department of Energy estimates that simply closing your blinds reduces heat gain by about 45 percent. Closing curtains is also a good idea since there are no gaps like with blinds.

It’s estimated that closing your curtains reduces heat gain by 65 percent. For the most effective option, we recommend closing your blinds and curtains. The color of your window dressings also has a huge impact on the temperature inside your home. Light colored curtains and blinds are preferred over dark colors because light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it.

Home-Cooling-CostsKeep the Door Closed

One of the worst culprits of letting heat into your home is opening and closing the door.

Throughout the day, we enter and exit our home multiple times, however, on hot summer days, we need to be more strategic about how often we open and close the door.

If you have kids that are playing outside, let them know how important it is to reduce the amount of time they enter and exit the house. It’s also important to try and be more strategic with your chores.

For example, if you are carrying grocery bags to the house, try carrying them all to the front door and then bringing them all in at once in one trip. This means you’ll only have to open the door once and you will help keep your home cool in the process.

For more information on eco-efficient cooling methods or installing or replacing an AC unit, call Anytime Plumbing, Inc in Las Vegas, NV today at 702-362-9300.

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