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5 Home Improvements Projects to do before 4th of July Celebration

Published by Parisa Ostovari

5 Home Improvements Projects to do before 4th of July Celebration

The warm summer sun comes barbecues, days at the pool, and fun times spent with the ones you love the most. Another thing many of us think of when we imagine summer is the Fourth of July. Whether you're planning on having a large party come over or just want to shoot off some fireworks with the family, there are five important home improvement projects to do before the big day arrives.

Deck Maintenance1. Clean the Deck

If your home features a deck, there's a good chance it will be well-used during your Fourth of July festivities. It's likely here where your barbecue will take place and guests will be seated to watch the fireworks show. Therefore, you owe it to everyone to take the time to clean your deck. However, instead of only picking up random items and giving it a quick sweep, get your efforts a step further. The following list can help walk you through the project:

  1.  Before applying any water, give the entire area a thorough sweeping to avoid debris becoming stuck.
  2.  Protect plants around the deck by squirting them with water to help soap slide off easily.
  3.  Treat stains with materials you can find at most home improvement retail stores.
  4.  Mop the entire area using soaps specialized for your decking material.
  5.  Resist pressure washing as it can compromise the grouting often used in decking.

2. Lawn Care Tips

You want your guests to be impressed with the aesthetic quality of your lawn. That's why now's the time to implement lawn care tips to get yours looking great. A great place to start is to install a rain gauge to ensure you don't over-water your grass. Your lawn only needs around an inch of water per week. You should also:

  1. Apply mulch clippings to keep moisture levels steady.
  2. Mow regularly to prevent the cuttings from smothering the grass.
  3. Sharpen your lawn mower blades.
  4. Install stepping stones in a few accessible pathways to minimize damage.
  5. Use weed control products when temperatures are under 85 degrees F.

3. Pool Cleaninglawn care

If your home features a swimming pool, there's a good chance you'll be hosting a Fourth of July party. After all, it's bound to be hot, and your guests can enjoy the day with a refreshing dip. To ensure they can enjoy the moment, take the time now to give your pool and thorough and proper cleaning. This is a perfect DIY project, and you can succeed using the following steps:

  1.  Determine the appropriate ratio for agents like chlorine and cyanuric acid by taking a sample of your pool water to your local supply store
  2.  Use mesh skimmers and brushes to remove any debris that may have accumulated in the pool
  3.  Make any chemical alterations based on the analysis of your water

4. Check Your Outside Faucets

July is one of the hottest months of the year, and there's a good chance your outside faucets will be used during Fourth of July celebration. From water games to quick drinks and more, it's important your faucet is working properly to accommodate you and your guests during the day. Just some things to do to ensure this include:

  1. Replacing damaged washers that are common culprits for leaks
  2. Checking the yard and sidewalk for suspicious wet areas that indicate problems
  3. Tightening the screw holding the washer back up

faucet5. Pest Control

We all know how quickly creepy crawly critters can infiltrate the walls of our homes, and their intrusion can be frustrating. Now's the best time to get to the bottom of the problem. Fortunately, if you don't have a full-blown infestation on your hands, it can be easy to evict these creatures for good. At your local retail store, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a variety of helpful traps and tools designed specifically to address the particular pest you're struggling with, best ensuring both you and your guests can fully appreciate the holiday.

Fun for the Whole Family

As you make preparations for your celebratory plans, it's important that you consider the integrity of your home. By following this simple list, you can be on your way to enjoying this historic day with the ones you love.

Here at Anytime Plumbing, Inc we have the combination of tools and knowledge to help you along the way right here in Las Vegas, NV, so give us a call at (702) 362-9300 today.

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