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A Flowing Drain

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Plumbers Recommended Technique of How to Unclog a Sink

All Las Vegas plumbing systems develop clogs over time: simply there is no way you can avoid it. However, you can take some care to prevent clogs and even unclog sinks with a bit of know-how. If a sink is clogged, the first option is to remove obstruction such grease and hair clogs that accumulate close to interior drain opening. Plungers, handheld augers, and air burst cleaners are some of the techniques designed to unclog sinks. It's worth noting that some sinks clogs are stubborn and need professional intervention to get the job done. This article shares Plumbers recommended techniques on how to unclog sinks.

Air Burst Cleaners

Air bursts cleaners use accelerated gasses such as carbon dioxide to rupture clogs. The gas is accelerated to create a force on standing water until the clog that accumulates close to the drain opening is dislodged. The main advantages of using air burst cleaner include potential ability to clear slow running drains and clogs immediately, and it can remove clogs that are deep in the drain opening than plungers. Also, it does not risk scratching sinks ceramic surfaces, unlike augers. However, the technique can not be used in pipes without standing water, and the main sewer drains.

Electric Drain Cleaners

These types of cleaners are also commonly referred as plumber's snake, and it uses mechanical force of electric motors to twist and drive a flexible spring into a pipe and rotate it in a clockwise direction. The cleaner's cable can move to a length of up to 80 meters into the pipes. Its main advantage lies in its ability to clean long section of the drain and its efficiency in dislodging objects such as Jewelry and tree backs. Besides, the ability of the flexible cable to negotiate 90-degrees bends easily without damaging pipes and maintain effectiveness.

Handheld Drain Augers

Handheld drain augers are commonly designed to clean portion of sink opening within 8 meters. The cable of the drain auger is driven into the pipe by a mechanical force that is created by rotating the drum. You should choose a handheld auger that has thin cable such that it can pass through the drain traps. The main advantage of this technique includes ready availability and relatively low cost. However, it is limited to 8 meters into the pipe, and it can scratch the ceramic surface of the sinks. As good practice of hygiene avoid any direct contact with drain fluids.

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