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If You're Remodeling Your Home's Plumbing, Applying for a Permit is Your First Step

Published by Parisa Ostovari

If You're Remodeling Your Home's Plumbing, Applying for a Permit is Your First Step

It might be tempting to forge ahead with your home renovation projects instead of getting a permit that seems like a hassle or even an unnecessary cost. Truthfully, getting the proper permits in place is the most critical part of the job.

While kitchen remodels or bathroom remodels stand to transform your home and increase its asset value, cutting corners is going to cost you money and cause you all kinds of stress down the road. Here is what you'll need to know before you start a plumbing project.

There is a Reason That Licensed Plumbers Demand Permits

“noprofessional”Part of getting the proper certification as a plumber means learning the right techniques and being accountable for your work to high standards.

So that means on each job licensed plumbers will continue to complete their work according to the highest industry standards, which involves following the permit process, without exception.

It comes down to integrity and accountability. Using a permit not only protects you, but it also protects your Las Vegas, NV plumber as well.

Permits Ensure Safe Work

“safetystandards”One of the best arguments for getting the right permits for your work is that in making sure your kitchen or bathroom remodel is done to code you are ensuring your safety.

If work isn't done correctly, there is a greater chance of plumbing leaks or breakdowns, which can cause substantial and costly damage.

Work done without permits can create fire hazards as well. Plumbing permits not only lay out how work should be completed, but they also involve inspections throughout the project process to make sure that everything is safe, progressing as it should, and reliable.

Save Yourself from Fines

“penaltyfine”When you are trying to stick to your renovation budget, what's the harm in cutting out the cost of a permit? Honestly, cutting that one cost can set you up for significant expenses down the road.

Not only will you potentially face fines, but you could also be looking at costs associated with liability, if damage occurs to a neighboring property, for example from fire or flood started in your home.

It is possible that you may also have to redo work if your unpermitted renovation is uncovered in a property inspection, which means that you’ll have to pay for it all over again. You can avoid all of these problems with your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel by merely choosing a licensed plumber and getting the right permits and inspections.

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