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Published by Parisa Ostovari

Health Benefits of Whole House Water Filtration


Whole House Water FiltrationIt is common knowledge that water is healthy and useful. It is used throughout the home: showers, sinks, hoses, washing machines and dishwashers all use water. However, not everyone, even in the United States, has access to clean water that can be used for drinking and showering. Water can be contaminated with high amounts of chlorine, which can release chlorine vapors and chloroform gas into the air. Pesticides, bacteria and toxic metals such as lead and arsenic can also be present in water. These contaminants can lead to chronic health issues in people who use the water. Since installing a filter on sinks and showers is not enough and installing a filter on every appliance that uses or emits water is costly, a whole house water filtration system is the most effective way to clean up the water in your home.

Las Vegas PlumberThere are several health benefits associated with using a whole house water filtration system. One of those is reducing the risks of asthma and respiratory allergies. Most water from a municipal water supply is treated with chlorine to reduce bacteria. However, the chlorine can vaporize into chlorine gas when heated while doing the dishes, taking a shower or washing clothes, which can irritate the airways of people living in the house. A whole house water filtration system can remove the chlorine in the water so people in the house will no longer breathe in chlorine gas.

Another health benefit associated with whole house water filtration is softer skin and hair. Harsh chemicals that are present in tap water and hard water are absorbed through the hair and skin when applied directly, which can damage hair and create rougher skin. Removing these chemicals with this filtration system can lead to healthier hair and skin.

Some neighborhoods located near refineries have water that has been contaminated with byproducts from them. Many of the metals from metal refineries can increase cancer risks and cause distress in several bones and organ systems. By filtering water at every water source with a whole house filtration system, these health risks are greatly reduced.

Whole house water filtration filters the water at every single water source in a home. There are many health benefits associated with it, including softer hair and skin, less respiratory irritation and reduced risks of cancer and organ failure. Whole house water filtration systems take up only a small amount of space and the benefits of using one greatly outweigh the costs.

Keep the water in your Las Vegas home free of contaminants! Call Anytime Plumbing, Inc at (702) 362-9300 for whole house water filtration services. 

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