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Where can I find the right HVAC contractor for me?

Published by Parisa Ostovari

How To Make Sure You're Hiring The Right HVAC Contractor


Las Vegas HVACSo you’re having a problem with your HVAC system. The first thing you do is try to repair it yourself, but since you know this problem is far beyond your abilities, you want to hire a professional. There are many professional HVAC companies out there, but how do you know that you’re getting the best team for the job?

The most important time to find a good repair man is before an emergency occurs. When situations are dire, people will often resort to desperate measures to restore their service. When things are going okay, that is when to do the homework and find a company that is trustworthy. Here are some questions to answer when looking for an HVAC company.

How Long Have They Been in Business? Tenure will tell you a lot about a company. Companies that are there to rip off customer and who do bad work, well they won’t be there for long. If a company has been in the area for several years, chances are there is a reason why they are still in business.

What Are The Hours of Operation? If a company is only open 9-5 Monday through Friday, what happens if your HVAC unit goes down on Sunday? When temperatures hit the triple digits, you need someone that will respond sooner rather than later.

What Are Their Service Call Costs? Each company charges a service call fee. If the call is after hours, the fees go up. Find out what the service call fees are ahead of time. Also, if there is a part that needs to be ordered, what is their standard hourly rate? Do they bill in fifteen minute increments or half hour? Pricing is the most important consideration.

By finding out the answers to these three questions, it will be easy to find a company that can be trusted to handle your HVAC emergency quickly and efficiently. After all, you cannot be too careful about who you let into your home. Once you find the perfect company, keep their number handy, you never know when an HVAC emergency will occur.

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