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Dealing With a Slab Leak Disaster?

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Handling Slab Leaks in Your Home


Slab leaks
at your house are a common occurrence when your home has a slab foundation. However, you need to be sure that you are follow the proper steps to take care of this problem. It is one that could cause major issues at the house if you do not address it as soon as you can.

How Do Slab Leaks Happen?

Most slab leaks happen over time because the foundation itself is so old. The foundation has many years to slip, and it is pelted by rain and ground water over the years. These small cracks will get so big that water can run into them. This causes a slab leak that could wreck the entire slab if you are not careful.

How Do You Find Them?

Most slab leaks can be seen from the outside. You will notice one end of the crack on the outside of the foundation. However, these cracks may be not be visible to the naked eye. You might hear water running under the floorboards in the house because the subfloor is so very close to the slab. You may also notice that there is mold and mildew in the house that was not there before. Mold and mildew do not form automatically, but they can form because there is a mysterious leak under your floors.

How Are They Repaired?

Most slabs are filled in in a couple hours. However, massive cracks need to be supported with a new system to hold up the foundation. If you have to get one of these new support systems, you will need to give the work crew a couple days to deal with your problem. You also need to remember that it is impossible for the work crew to know how bad the problem is until they begin their work.

When you have slab leaks at the house, you need to consider all the information above. This information will help you handle a bad situation when you discover that there is a crack in the slab foundation of your house. You can handle these problems calmly if you know what to do.

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