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Don't Try Drain Cleaning At Home (Unless You're a Plumber)

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


Las Vegas Drain CleaningNo homeowner enjoys living with a faulty drainage system, and this explains why most people respond very fast to get a solution. Indeed, it can prove challenging to realize that dirty water that is supposed to be expelled through the drainage system is not moving.

A large number of homeowners have been going for quick alternatives so as to get a solution to their drainage system as they wait for the plumber to show up later. One such method, and which has gained popularity, is the use of chemical drain cleaners. Although the method is considered easy and fast, there are serious dangers that one could be exposing the family and other people to.

Corrosive Chemicals

The commonly used ingredients that make chemical drain cleaners include lye and sulfuric acid. It is factual that these are corrosive chemicals, so if mishandled can lead to serious injuries. These chemicals are capable of eating away materials if they come in contact.

The human skin is also no exception. If the chemicals come in contact with the body, they are capable of causing irritation, which may lead to more serious problems later. Therefore, when the liquid is poured in the drain, it is advisable not to look down as some may splash back.

Hazardous to the Environment

Once the chemicals are expelled through the drain, they are deposited in some dump sites. These chemicals can also be carried with rain water to water sources like rivers and dams. All animals that live in water will be affected. The ingredients used in chemical cleaners can also lead to the death of trees. So, using chemical drain cleaning can pose a threat to the environment, especially if the method is applied without keen inspection to ensure proper dumping.

Harmful Health Effects

Besides being dangerous to the environment, chemical drain cleaning can prove poisonous when inhaled. This is why the chemical should be kept far from reach of small kids. Improper handling could lead to blindness and skin irritation. Treating accidents that are caused by chemical substances can be expensive and there is no guarantee one will recover.Las Vegas Plumber

Once inhaled, the chemical will corrode internal organs of the body and leads to inflammation of the respiratory system. So, much awareness should be given to ensure all people who choose this option to drain clogs are safe while at it. Alternatively, it could be better to delegate the work of unblocking any clogs to a company that is well versed on these matters.

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