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Dust Off Your Ducts, It's Time For Fresh Air!

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Las Vegas Air Duct CleaningVentilation and air ducts that are overdue for a cleaning can result in higher than average utility costs, a noticeable decrease in indoor-air quality and may even strain climate control equipment resulting in an increased risk of breakdowns and other mechanical issues.

Being able to spot the most common signs that ducts need cleaning will allow you to address the situation before additional problems have a chance to develop. Professional cleaning and maintenance services can make a big difference for property owners seeking to enjoy superior comfort and air quality as well as lower utility bills.

Common Signs Your Air Ducts Require Cleaning or Inspection

Changing your filter each month is essential for ensuring proper operation of your climate control system. Noticing larger than average dirt and dust deposits may be a sign that your ventilation system may require a professional cleaning.

An unexplained increase in your monthly bills may indicate that your ventilation and airflow may have become compromised due to a buildup of dirt, dust and other particulate. Return vents that have become covered in animal hair, dust and other debris are another strong indication that a problem may be present.

Dirty Air Ducts May Create Many Problems

Dust buildups within your ducts that contain high quantities of pollen, animal dander or microorganisms such as molds and mites can make for a very uncomfortable interior environment and may even aggravate respiratory conditions.

The increased back-pressure caused by ducts that have become clogged or blocked can strain equipment resulting in ineffective cooling that may impair comfort levels or leave owners faced with higher operational costs.Las Vegas Air Quality

Failing to address the problem may even lead to more frequent or extensive mechanical problems that may require a costly and premature service call or replacement installation in order to ensure your climate control equipment is able to function properly.

Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Solutions

A simple service call may be all that is needed in order to assess the state of your vents and ducts and ensure that your climate control system is functioning properly.

Arranging for a professional duct cleaning at the first sign or a problem will ensure that any issues your system may be experiencing can be addressed before they can cause problems that may be more extensive and costly. Regular cleaning and periodic inspection can often pay for itself by eliminating many potential issues that may develop when ducts become clogged or obstructed.

Are your Las Vegas air ducts making your home smelly, stuffy, & dusty? Call Anytime Plumbing, Inc at 702-362-9300 for duct cleaning!

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