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Emergency Plumbing Basics

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Three Tips for Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

Las Vegas PlumberThe trouble with a plumbing emergency is that it can and will strike at the worst possible times. The last thing you want to do it to be awaken at three in the morning to a room full of rushing water without the ability to turn it off or call a plumber with overnight service. These three tips for dealing with a plumbing emergency will put you in a better position to get the problem fixed quicker and lessen any damage inside the home.

Identify the Water Shut-Off

There are several key locations in the plumbing that will turn off the flow of water inside the house. The main water shut-off is usually by the curb or by the water meter. Many counties do not allow customers to access those valves, so in that case you will have to find each individual valve that works the sinks, toilets, water heater, and washing machine. If you know how to turn these off, if any plumbing emergency occurs at those sources then you will be able to kill the flow of water instantly before the damage gets any worse

Finding an Emergency Plumber

Many local plumbers do not have emergency hours, so if you need them at 4 in the morning you will most likely just get a recording. The time to find plumbers who work all day and night is today, then keep their numbers on the refrigerator so you can call them as quickly as you find the water damage. These plumbers will make every effort to get to your home at an hour to stop the flow of water and repair whatever is the source of the leak. Every hour is important in these situations because water can get into places in the home that will lead to dangerous mold and bacteria growth.Las Vegas Emergency Plumbing

Creating an Emergency Kit

Many small plumbing emergencies can be contained until the professionals arrive if you are prepared to fix the issue yourself. Grab a small tool bag and fill it with some rolls of duct tape, pliers, wrenches, and a working flashlight. You may be facing a broken sink pipe in the middle of the night during a power failure and will need to duct tape the leak while using your flashlight until help arrives. These small little fixes could make all the difference in a flooded home and a simple plumbing repair.

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