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Get Ready for the Heat Wave

Published by Parisa Ostovari

10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for The Summer Heat

Las Vegas CoolingIf you want to be cool and comfortable this summer, now is the time for spring maintenance on your HVAC. It is especially important to have a maintenance check performed by a HVAC technician so you’re ready for hotter temperatures of summer. Performing these simple tips helps to assure that your HVAC will be running in tip-top shape just when you need it for summer.

Look for Wear and Tear

1) Replacing an air filter on your HVAC is simple and quick. Clean filters provide proper air circulation and excellent air quality. It's recommended to change filters once per month.

2) The thermostat and controls of your furnace system need to be checked. This is important to assure the unit's starting cycle will be functioning properly and your home will feel comfortable.

3) Check the attic insulation to see that it is adequate. Having enough insulation is a great help to ensure you keep cooler air inside your home and not outside.

Call an HVAC Professional

4) Your HVAC technician will clean the air conditioning and evaporator coils. Dirty coils reduce the life of your HVAC and use more energy to keep a home cool. This also leads to high electric bills, which of course should be avoided.

5) Humidity levels can be adversely affected when your condensate drains are plugged or not working correctly. It’s smart to clear any clogged pipes to reduce high humidity, which makes indoor rooms feel warmer and stuffy.

6) Forgetting to stay on top of refrigerant levels in any air conditioner can be a mistake. Having too little or too much refrigerant reduces the system efficiency and life of the system in addition to increasing energy usage and your electric bill.

7) Technicians are careful to lubricate all the moving parts in the HVAC. They’ll also tighten any loose electrical connections.

Finishing Touches

8) If the HVAC unit is located outdoors on the ground, you should see that all weeds and debris are removed. This provides better airflow to the unit. These steps help to ensure the life of your HVAC, while reducing power usage.las Vegas Cooling

9) Energy waste can be prevented by sealing cracks or holes in the air ducts. This also works to improve air quality and cooling.

10) Lastly, your HVAC technician may check out your blower components to prevent any airflow problems. These may cost you as much as 15 percent on your electric bill.

Performing these quick and simple steps reduces electric costs, keeps your home cool and extends the life of your HVAC.

Don’t let cooling costs suck the fun out of summer. Call Anytime Plumbing, Inc at 702-362-9300 for greener HVAC services in the Las Vegas area!

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