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Getting to Know The History of Your HVAC

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Getting to Know The History of Your HVAC

Although we like to assume that air conditioning and heating systems are a modern-day invention, this thought isn’t entirely true. You see, ancient civilizations have learned how to cool and warm themselves for many years. Cave dwellers used geothermal cooling by digging holes in the ground and Egyptians used wet reeds as a water-based cooling system.

Heating systems have also been used throughout the centuries, mostly based on fire as warmth but using some ingenuity to pump the heated air throughout buildings. A great example of heating in early times is the hypocaust which was basically underfloor heating.

How The Modern HVAC Came About

inventionWillis Carrier is the man you should be grateful to, when it comes to keeping cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

He was actually trying to invent something to remove the moisture from a building serving as a publishing house because the paper was absorbing too much water.

Instead, he inadvertently invented what is now known as the air conditioner.

The Age of an HVAC System Matters

oldUnfortunately, your heating system will not last forever. In fact, the average lifespan of a heating unit is about 10-15 years.

Of course, this does not mean your system will only last 10 years--but it doesn’t mean you should expect 15 or more, either. It truly depends on how well maintained it has been.

If you moved into a home without knowing the age of your heater, it is usually wise to find this information out. Should you realize that your HVAC is around the 15-year mark, it may be a good idea to start shopping for new units. The easiest way to tell a heater’s age is by looking at the serial number. The serial number will likely contain several numbers and letters.

The first four numbers in a row will tell you the week number and the year of manufacture. You may have to do a bit of guesswork, but if the number sequence looks like 1222, it is unlikely that the system was built in 1912, 1922, or 2022. Chances are, it was built in the 22nd week of the year 2012.

Need a New Heater?

hvacIf you’ve just discovered that your heater is far older than you though, it is also probably a lot less efficient.

Consider calling Anytime Plumbing, Inc to help size your home for a new unit that fits your budget.

Once that decision is made, we can also install it for you to ensure it runs without any malfunctions!

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