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Handling the Dangers of a Leak In Your Home

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Precautions For Water Leaks


Las Vegas PlumberIf you’ve ever found a water leak in your home, you understand how frustrating this reality can be. Not only is your home wasting a precious resource, but you could also be paying for gallons of water that you aren’t using. A few common water leaks in the home include leaking faucets, pipe joint leaks, toilet leaks and leaks in the main water supply.

Leaking Tap

A very common leak in the home is a leaking tap or faucet. A leaking tap dripping at a rate of one drop every two seconds can waste over 1000 gallons of water per year! Sometimes the problem can be as simple as the tap not being turned off tightly enough. If the tap is correctly tightened and still leaking it could be a worn out washer or a more complex problem. The person making the repair must be familiar with several different types of faucets in order to correctly repair the issue.

Pipe Joint Leaks

A leaky pipe joint is another common leak found in the home. This can happen if there is too much water pressure in the pipes or when the pipe joints start to degrade or wear out. This type of leak usually happens inside a wall and can cause water damage to your home if it is not addressed in a timely manner.

Toilet Leaks

Water LeakToilet leaks can be very difficult to repair. A toilet could leak from the wax ring underneath, a crack in the tank or the tank could leak into the bowl. If these leaks are not correctly diagnosed and repaired, they can cause damage to the floor surrounding the toilet and to the ceiling under the toilet, if the toilet is upstairs.

Water Supply Line

Sometimes the main water supply line to the home can leak. This type of leak usually happens several feet underground and is hard to detect. Water can sometimes be seen backing up into the water meter or the soil near the pipes may stay damp. Only a skilled professional should attempt to repair a water supply line leak. In addition to wasting water, this type of leak can possibly cause damage to the home’s foundation.

If not addressed properly, water leaks can cause hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in water damage to your home. It’s imperative that a skilled professional is called at the first sign of a leak to save you time and money.

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