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Help! My Heating System Won't Turn On

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Help! My Heating System Won't Turn On

Winter is fast approaching. Can you rely on your heating system to function properly? Will it even turn on after sitting idle all summer long? If your heating system won’t turn on when you need it, there are things you can do on your own to get it started. Don’t call in for HVAC service yet. Troubleshoot it first, but be sure to switch off the system breaker and close the gas valve before you do any work.

Is the Pilot Light Out?

“lighton”One reason why your heating system won’t start is that the pilot light is off. Light it now and check the flame color. The flame should be blue, not yellow. A yellow flame means that the pilot opening is dirty.

A pilot light that goes out even after you light it is a sign that the sensor is dirty as well. You can disassemble both and rinse them out.

If the pilot flame does not reach the bottom of the thermocouple switch, call for HVAC service. Hire a quality heating service company if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself.

Check The Power

You might think that a gas furnace doesn’t need electricity to run. It does. The part that kickstarts your furnace is powered by electricity. It turns the gas valve on and off. Check to see if you there is power in your home. Check the furnace breaker to ensure that it is on. Check the power cord for any tears. Check to the control board for any short circuit.

It Could Be the Thermocouple

The thermocouple is a safety device in your heating system. It will automatically shut off the gas if the pilot light is not on. If the thermocouple is dirty, it cannot detect the pilot light. Remove the thermocouple to clean it. Eventually, thermocouples will wear out with time, so if you haven’t had your heating system checked in a while, the thermocouple might need to be replaced.

Thermostat Batteries Are Dead

“checkthermostat”Do you remember when was the last time you changed the batteries in the thermostat? The thermostat is what tells your heating system to turn on.

Replace the old batteries with new ones. Set the thermostat to the “Heat” position and the temperature higher than the temperature inside. Ensure that the thermostat is set to “On.”

Check Your Gas Supply

Turn the power off and make sure the gas valve turned up all the way. If no gas comes in, your system won’t turn on. When working with gas, always be cautious. Leave the house immediately and call an HVAC expert or your utility company if you smell gas.

Check the Condensate Pan

If the reservoir to the condensate pan in the system is full of water, empty it out. When this happens, your heating system will not turn on. Clean it now and check the condensate pipe for any clogs. Note that emptying out the reservoir into the condensate pan will only fix the problem temporarily.

It will not resolve the larger issue that is causing the reservoir to fill up. Another reason why your heating system won’t start is that the condensate pump has failed or it has blockages that prevent the water from draining.

Yearly Maintenance Is Important

“heatingcheckup”Once a year maintenance of your heating system by a licensed expert will help to prevent unexpected issues and system failure. If your heating system has not received any maintenance all year, it will be dirty inside.

A dirty filter in your system will distribute dirt and other contaminants into your home. A dirty flame sensor will not allow your heating system to light the burners. It is recommended that the filter in your heating system is cleaned or replaced regularly in order to prevent system issues from occurring.

If all else fails, call the experts at Anytime Plumbing, Inc in Las Vegas, NV for emergency service. In minutes, a trained technician will be at your home to provide quality heating services you can rely on.

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