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Home Remodeling Can Be Stress-Free With These 3 Air Quality Tips

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Home Remodeling Can Be Stress-Free With These 3 Air Quality Tips

House Remodel
Home remodeling is obviously something that isn’t entered into lightly. If you’re remodeling a home you currently live in; you need to account for whether you’ll continue to live there while work is being done, or find temporary shelter, depending on the scope of the work.

If you’re remodeling a home before you move in, you probably want to get everything done right, rather than find out there are other aspects of the home that need more remodeling at a later date. What most people don’t do is consider how remodeling will affect air quality, but we’ve got some tips to help maintain it during this time.

Have an Air Purifier Installed

Plan While not a typical remodeling choice, an air purifier can bring a lot of benefits into a home. For the people looking for less commitment, portable air purifiers do exist that can be used in one room, then moved to another.

For people that are serious about this want the best results and efficiency, a building-wide unit can be installed on an existing HVAC system to clean up the entire structure.

This will usually make the air in a home cleaner than most homeowners have ever experienced in their lives unless they spend a lot of time in hospitals.

And for families where respiratory conditions are a factor, this makes the home a much safer, healthier, more comfortable space.

Address Moisture Issues With Floors

Kitchens and bathrooms usually get some big moisture consideration before laying down tile, because these home spaces get a lot of direct exposure to water. But if you’re finishing up an attic or basement, pay some attention to the floors in these areas too. Make sure that that water leakage is addressed, and that proper moisture control is given to these floors.

Once you lay down carpet on an area with poor moisture control, that carpet will act as a sponge. Eventually, the consistently moist carpet will not just become damaged, it may become the foundation for a mold infestation, forcing everyone in the home to breathe spores that cause illnesses given enough time.

Get a New Filter For Your HVAC

Air FilterOne of the easiest things you can do for good air quality is also one of the final things you should one the remodeling is done. Just pick up a new filter if you don’t already have them stored away, and have an air filter replacement done.

The remodeling you just underwent has kicked up much, much higher than normal amounts of dust in the air, and your current filter has done its job, catching it. But it now has much more dust in it than it normally would at the three-month mark when you’re supposed to replace it.

That means that both its ability to catch more dirt, and your HVAC’s ability to operate are compromised, resulting in higher energy bills until you replace it. With that final task complete, there’s nothing left to do by relax! Remodeling any home in Las Vegas, NV is always a good idea. You enjoy your home even more, or you increase its property value if you’re thinking in investment or resale terms. But if you’ve followed our tips, you may have also increased its air quality, which is always a good thing.

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