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Homeowners Tips for Summertime Fun While Conserving Water

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Homeowners Tips for Summertime Fun While Conserving Water

Summertime fun while conserving waterNo question, the summer heat in Las Vegas can be oppressive and you inevitably need more water for everything: hydration, leisure, lawn, and garden maintenance.

This increased use can pose problems if you usually try to conserve water. No matter the season, conserving water is a good idea because it helps keep your bills down and helps with the global water crisis.

Recognizing that your water needs are greater in the summer, get in the habit of being extra mindful about your water use. Here are some handy tips to get you started.

How to Conserve Water in Your Lawn and Garden

Conserve water and fun in oneIt’s hard to stay on top of the lawn and garden in the Nevada heat, but here are some helpful hints.

Keep grass longer, so that it’s less vulnerable to the heat. Run your sprinkler early in the morning or at night.

The daytime sun will evaporate much of the water you use to water your lawn.

Get an adjustable sprinkler that can help you direct the flow of water more efficiently, and at the right time.

This way, you can choose a day to put on a bathing suit and run through those sprinklers. To water the garden, attach a mister to your garden hose. A mist is usually enough, rather than blasting with the hose and wasting water.

Enjoy Summertime Fun and be Water Conscious

Be water conscious - save waterYou can still increase your water use in the summer and be water conscious.

Nearly every room in your home represents an opportunity to cut back on your general use, which will compensate for your extra water use for more fun activities.

In the laundry room, only run loads when they are full. Reuse shower towels for a few days and use the cold water cycle. In the bathroom, switch off the tap when washing your hands and brushing your teeth.

Collect water in a bucket when you are waiting for the shower to heat up. In the kitchen, don’t run the water to cool it down for a cool drink. Keep a jug of water in the fridge and only use one water glass a day.

Some Fun Outdoor Activities

Children's outdoor funReady to cool down with the family? How about a water balloon war or a water balloon relay race? If you’ve got little ones, it can be fun to make a water play table.

You can even use a shallow bin on blocks and fill it with water and small toys. Kids love to spend hours pouring water from cups and splashing around.

Have you ever tried to jump rope holding a cup of water? You’ll get wet and cool down!

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