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Improve Home Ventilation This Season

Published by Parisa Ostovari

 3 Ways to Improve Home Ventilation for the Fall Season

During the fall season when the temperature begins to drop you'll likely be staying inside more as well as keeping windows closed. This can affect the air quality inside of your home. Having a well ventilated home can help reduce mold growth and the accumulation of harmful pollutants. Poor air quality in a home can even lead to health problems. The following are 3 ways to improve your home ventilation for the fall season.

Las Vegas Home Ventilation Services1. Keep Air Circulating

While cooler temperatures mean keeping windows and doors closed more often, there are times when it may be a good idea to keep them open. Opening windows in the kitchen when you're cooking can improve air circulation and help eliminate grease and strong food odors.

Since the kitchen tends to heat up during cooking, keeping the windows slightly open for an hour or so shouldn't affect the overall temperature in the home. If you have ceiling fans in your home that haven't been operating much during the summer, it's time to clean the dust off. Occasionally running ceiling fans can help circulate air and improve the ventilation throughout the house.

2. Make Sure Your Roof and Attic are Well Ventilated

If your attic tends to get hot and humid during the summer months it may be time to install additional vents. A heating and cooling professional can recommend exactly where in your attic vents should be installed to produce the best ventilation. After the summer months the attic area should be cleaned of the dust and debris that has accumulated. Good attic ventilation will increase the life of a roof as well as improve the overall energy efficiency in your home.

3. Keep Heaters and Furnaces Well Maintained

Fall is the time to have an HVAC specialist examine your heaters and furnaces to make sure they're operating at peak efficiency. A clogged or extremely dirty filter can also affect the air quality in your home. It may be a good idea to install a high-efficiency furnace filter. It's often recommended to use a MERV 8 or above. An HVAC professional can advise you regarding the best filter for your heating and cooling system. A professional can also advise you if it's time to have your ducts cleaned.

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