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Innovating your Potty Time

Published by Parisa Ostovari

The Latest Toilet Technologies

While many people in Las Vegas take using the toilet for granted, the fact is the technology in this area is changing by leaps and bounds. Even though toilet technology seems simple, some of the latest innovations have brought toilets into the twenty-first century.

Whether it's a solar-powered toilet or a toilet that helps create fertilizer, today's toilets are doing much to make the world a better place. To see what's going on inside today's modern toilet bowls, take a look below at some of the most promising and interesting developments.

Las Vegas, NV toilet-technologies

Solar-Powered Toilet

Yes, there are now toilets being invented that are run by the sun's bright rays. Solar-powered toilets, designed to be waste treatment systems, can actually turn human waste into fuel.

Producing hydrogen, electricity, and water, they can service up to 500 people daily while conserving vast amounts of water. To keep the toilet operational after dark, the hydrogen produced is used in the toilet's fuel cells to be used as power.

Plasma Gasification

When it comes to toilets, one of the biggest problems over the years has been the threat of diseases from dried human waste. However, plasma gasification may change all this.

The process, which kills all pathogens in dried human waste, is quickly becoming known for its ability to be a major move forward in public health when it comes to how toilets are designed.

Something that's expected to become more popular in the years ahead, it's seen as being especially useful in toilets in developing nations, where bathroom facilities are of poor quality or simply don't exist.

Fertilizer from a Toilet

If there is one thing more and more people in Las Vegas want to see from their toilets, it's having the ability to create fertilizer. While this may or may not be in high demand, the fact is the fertilizer-making toilet has arrived. Having the ability to separate urine from other human waste, the toilet is able to take the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium from urine and create ash, water, and fertilizer, all of which can be used in a variety of agricultural applications.

Able to be very useful in the United States as well as nations around the world, it can improve sanitation as well as provide agricultural fertilizer in large quantities. So while toilet technology is going places where no man has gone before, it's clear the possibilities that exist are truly incredible, even for today's world.

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