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The How-To Guide For a Kitchen Granite Sink Installation

Published by Parisa Ostovari

The How-To Guide For a Kitchen Granite Sink Installation

Granite countertops give a kitchen a clean and empowered look. Adding the right sink to go with that countertop can really make a kitchen come together nicely. Properly installing the sink into a countertop will be the real challenge. Read this how-to guide for kitchen granite sink installation and finish your kitchen plumbing project with ease.

Have the Style and Size of Your Sink Match Appropriately

“matchingsink”Matching the right sink to your granite countertops is important. You want to ensure there will be enough counter space left over on the top as well as enough space for the kitchen plumbing underneath.

The sink should be fitted in line with a cupboard and away from drawers. When out shopping in Las Vegas, NV, be sure to look at a sink that suits both your wants and needs.

The style is important but so is functionality and practicality. Consider all three aspects when scoping out your sink.

Make Sure Countertop Measurements are Correct

“rightmeasurement”Measure twice and cut once; this is an age-old saying that rings true. You can certainly do your measurements twice, but you only have one chance to accurately cut your granite countertop. So being certain you have not only chosen the right sink but measured it accurately is critical.

Trace the outline of your sink before cutting, keeping in mind whether you want the lip of the sink to sit under, over, or flush with your granite. Cut the granite using a circular saw with diamond blades. Once cut, wipe the hole and the sink rim with denatured alcohol.

Place the sink over the hole and apply caulk to the inside of the outline. Set your sink, clip it in, and there you have it. Now you can install your countertop and be one step closer to finishing.

Professional Plumbers Can Get the Job Done

“callaplumber”You may think of completing your own installation may be a good idea, but think again. Professional plumbers know and understand your kitchen plumbing better than the average person.

They are licensed professionals with years of expertise compared to an inexperienced DIY homeowner. Being handy is great, but when it comes to your plumbing, call the expert who can get the job done promptly and right.

Whether you opted for professional installation or did it yourself, your new countertop and sink are now part of your kitchen. Now, you and your family are able to sit back and relax, knowing all the hard work is done.

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