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Must-Know Information About Your Home's Furnace

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Dealing With Your Furnace

A well-tuned furnace can keep a home comfortable throughout the year and save on major component replacement over the life of the unit. When winter is fast approaching, we recommend examining some potential furnace issues and the importance of regular furnace maintenance.

What Are Some Problems You May Experience With Your Furnace?

A furnace is just one component of several other HVAC components that condition a home. Some of the most common problems associated with a furnace can be linked to how well the unit was maintained past the air intake.

Ignition & Heating Problems

The lack of heat is one of the most common furnace problems. Older gas units used a pilot light and newer units use electronic hot surface ignition. Electric forced air heat pumps use a combination of heating coils and air exchange. Lack of heat can usually be traced back to faulty electrical function in the thermostat or ignition surface. Dirt and normal wear can reduce the efficiency of the filament of a surface igniter until it no longer ignites.

Higher Energy Costs

Increased utility costs can be the result of furnaces that are outdated. They can also be the source of common furnace repairs that should be fixed in a timely manner. Dirty components from poor filtration can increase the amount of time it's required to match thermostat air temperature.

Poor Air Circulation

A furnace with adequate heat and poor airflow is a common problem during renovations or replacement of thermostats. Many high-efficiency furnaces have options for multiple zones or dual stage fans that control the amount of airflow electronically. Air filters with too much restriction can reduce the amount of airflow leaving the unit. Leaky ducts and old manually controlled dampers are also the source of drafts and poor airflow from the furnace.

What Are The Benefits of Timely Repairs?

Furnace RepairTimely repairs are crucial to the life of the furnace. Some small repairs can turn into bigger repairs due to the interconnected nature of furnace parts. For example, a faulty circuit breaker or electronic component can cause unnecessary wear on the air exchange unit from too many cycles. A timely repair would reduce the chance of damage to the overall unit. Timely repairs may also keep products within warranty.

Why Are Timely Repairs Important?

A timely repair is insurance against the life of the furnace. Small cracks and broken parts can be the start of a long chain of events leading to major part replacement. Maintenance contracts often ensure that homeowners are reminded of these repairs in a timely manner at a reduced rate. Contacting your HVAC technician on early repairs can also give fair warning on the potential for any other components failing. This can save a considerable amount of money over time.

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