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Keep Cool On The World’s Longest Day With These Outdoor Activities

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Keep Cool On The World’s Longest Day With These Outdoor Activities

Summer is around the corner and with it comes thoughts of hot weather, sunscreen, and the effort of staying cool. June 21st marks the beginning of the season. It just so happens to also be the world’s longest day of the year. You might want to spend the day hanging about at the beach or make a trip to the lake. But with all that traveling, you could be spending some serious cash too.

Well, if you’d like to stay cool and save some money, we have some outdoor activities that we know you and your family will enjoy right from the comfort of your yard, and with your own outdoor plumbing installations!

Build a Sprinkler Slip n’ Slide

sprinklerandslideSprinklers are so much fun for kids! All you have to do is turn them on and let your kids have at it. They’ll laugh, play, and entertain themselves for hours with a sprinkler.

You could even choose to join them or set up a lawn chair and watch them as you sip a cold drink. The best part is that your kids will need very little encouragement to play outside and you’ll have the benefit of green grass all summer long!

If sprinklers aren’t enough, a water slide is another great way to motivate your kids to play outside and stay cool in the process. They are super easy to set up and very affordable. Set it up in a part of the yard where the kids can wreak havoc all day, and all summer long!

Battle it Out with Hose Fights

hosefightsUsually, when we think hose fights, we know someone is going to get drenched. Hoses were not intended for such amusement originally, but they definitely turned out that way!

It’s so much fun to turn it on and spray a friend or relative who never suspected a thing. The look on their face is priceless which makes the ensuing hose fight that much more entertaining.

Water guns are the next best thing to a hose. Although the water reservoir is limited, this will also help to conserve water compared to how much is used in a hose fight. You’ll even be able to sneak up on your next victim and they won’t know they’ve been targeted until it’s too late!

Plan a Neighborhood Water Balloon Battle

waterballoonsfightThe cheapest and most water efficient way to stay cool and have fun on the longest day of the year would be to play outside with water balloons. Water balloon fights are perfect for summer BBQs and birthday parties too.

Your friends and family will love having these additions to any event. Everyone can participate and the time spent together will create a valuable bonding experience. Get creative and add water balloons to games like tag, hide and seek, or even duck, duck, goose.

With the world’s longest day of the year initiating the start of the summer season, at Anytime Plumbing, Inc it’s important to remember to stay cool while you’re having fun. Invite friends and family over to participate in one of these outdoor activities so everyone can take part in the merriment. Conserve water if you can, but have fun on this day. After all, it only comes once a year!

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