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Plumbing Rule You Must Never Forget

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Drain Clog Prevention


Drain CleaningWhy Does a Drain Clog?

Clogged drains can be annoying, and sometimes financially costly to deal with. There are many reasons why drains clog. Depending on the type of drain, where it is located in a house or commercial building, and what the drains are used for, clogs can go from easy to difficult to fix, however, it is always best to call on professional Drain Cleaning services. Kitchen drains are sometimes used differently than bathroom drains. Clogged drains in a kitchen may look a little different on the inside than clogged drains in a bathroom.

In a kitchen, things like food and grease, as well as dirty water from activities like house cleaning, could cause a drain to become clogged. Some people may not pay much attention to putting food down kitchen sink drains. Many times, the amount food that is put in sinks at one time is not very large. Sometimes, some people think that a small amount of food may pass through the pipes with ease. However, depending on the type of food that is put in a drain, food particles may begin to accumulate inside of pipes and prevent water from leaving a sink. Grease is similar in that small amounts of grease may not catch some people’s attention as it does down a sink. Grease can accumulate and become hard enough to stop water from passing through a pipe, possibly resulting in a clogged drain.
In bathrooms, drains can sometimes contain accumulated hair and soap. Both hair and soap can clog a drain, and sometimes, it a combination of the two that can make it difficult for water to pass through a pipe. Knowing how to prevent drains from clogging is probably better than waiting until drains clog to fix them. A clogged drain could be simple to fix. There are drain cleaners that are available. However, sometimes clogged drains are not simple to fix, and sometimes, professional help may be needed.

How Can I Keep This From Happening? 

There are a number of steps that could be taken to prevent drains from becoming clogged. One of those steps is to be careful about what is poured into sinks and drains. Grease, food, hair, and excess soap should probably be kept out of drains to help avoid clogging. Letting hot water run down drains could possibly help prevent drains from clogging. Another step that could be taken that could possibly help prevent drains from clogging is to use sink strainers. Sink strainers may help prevent big pieces of food from going into pipes and drains.

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