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Problems With a Mobile Water Heater?

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Water Heater Problems In Mobile Homes


Installation Advice

Every modern home uses a water heater for increased comfort and mobile homes are no different. The two conventional types are gas and electric which are chosen based on the zoning established for the property. Electric heaters are usually the standard for homes built today but older homes more often use gas heaters.When installing a mobile water heater the unit size, energy efficiency, amount of gallons heated per hour, and water storage must all be taken into account. The heater must be able to fit inside of your home safely, ensure heated gallons of water, and operate at a level that's cost effective with energy efficiency. These are the most important features to consider when choosing any water heater.


Another variable that impacts water heater performance is its environment. Modern homes usually have gas heaters stored away from daily activity to prevent accidents. Electric heaters are added more often to laundry rooms or closer to other appliances. Mobile homes also have the disadvantage of facing harsher weather conditions on a regular basis. If a heater is 10 years into its installation, leaks at its base, makes strange noises, or operates improperly then its times for a replacement. Installation service companies are trained to examine and diagnose these possible issues effectively.

A heater stored outside would become damaged far more quickly which makes maintenance even more important for those living in mobile homes.Vigilance becomes key in preserving the functionality of any water heater.

Heater Preservation
Most water heater lifespans last from 8 to 12 years depending on the environment, how they were installed, and their models. Improperly installing any piece of equipment yields dangerously inefficient results and water heaters of any kind are no different.

Certain models are more efficient than others which local installation companies are always eager to inform customers about. Always store water heaters in safe environments and also remember to check the original units specs before choosing a replacement. Draining the tank for cleaning, replacing valves, and tightening water pipes regularly help preserve water heaters. Operating the in this manner will guarantee that the heater installed will complete its task consistently and safely for the foreseeable future.

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