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Have You REALLY Searched for a Potential Hidden Leak?

Published by Parisa Ostovari

5 Signs You Have a Hidden Leak

There are five important signs that could signal a water leak that all Las Vegas property owners should remember. Keeping an eye out for these problems is important because it can keep damages to a minimum if the problem is caught early. Any time a property owner feels they have a hidden water leak, they should always contact a professional plumber to keep the cost of repairs lower. Problems that are left alone can create massive mold removal jobs with soggy drywall, rusted pipes, or falling ceilings.Las Vegas Leak Repair Services

Increased water bill

Water bills that jump significantly are a strong indicator of a leak. Property owners that notice an increase should always look around for other signs of a hidden leak. Smaller leaks can show up as a rise in water bills that increases from time to time like monthly bills that continue to go up over several billing cycles.


Any discoloration on a wall, ceiling, or floor could be a sign of a water leak, especially if it is located on a wall that is next to the bathroom or kitchen. Brown colored stains can indicate a leaky drain or water supply pipe. Property owners that notice new stains or discolorations or if there is dampness or wetness should contact a plumber right away.

Mold or mildew growth

The growth of mildew or mold on walls, floors, or ceilings that are not in the bathroom could signal a problem. Mold and mildew only grow in moisture rich environments. A professional plumber knows how to find the source of mold and mildew and can correct the problem to keep families safe.

Unusual smells

Anyone who notices a new musty smell in their home should look for other signs that could point to a water leak. Even if there are no other signs, the property owner should contact a plumber if the smell does not go away because it could be a sign of a water leak in the wall. Drain issues like clogs can cause water to back up into basements and cause problems with mildew and mold, so it is important for an expert to check every part of the property for hidden leaks.

Sagging walls or ceilings

Another big sign that there is a hidden water leak is sagging walls or ceilings. Anyone who notices these types of problems is at risk for massive problems. Calling a plumber is critical if any sagging is noticed in a Las Vegas home or business.

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