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What Regular Maintenance Services Do AC Units Need?

Published by Parisa Ostovari

AC Unit Maintenance


Las Vegas AC MaintenanceNot only do air conditioner filters need maintenance, but the coils and fins need regular servicing also. Keeping these parts serviced allows the machine to run according to its efficiency standards. When regular AC maintenance schedule is not adhered to, the air conditioning performance will suffer, and the machine will use an increasing amount of energy to power the machine. This will affect the performance and the life of the machine.

However, changing the filters is the most singular thing a homeowner can do to affect the performance and extend the life of the ac system. If the filters are clogged with dirt, they block the system’s necessary airflow, and the efficiency of the system is greatly harmed. This problem is multiplied throughout the system because when air is not able to flow correctly, it will flow dirty air over the coil and fins. This accumulated grime will deter the coils ability to absorb heat at a rate that will facilitate smooth operation. This will also cause the system to run even more inefficiently than it previously did. If the machine is allowed to work harder to function efficiently, the life of the system will be greatly reduced. By replacing the filters on a regular schedule, the energy consumed is reduced by almost twenty percent.

The filters that are in central air conditioners are located at various points in the duct work. Register filters will be located in the furnace, ceiling or walls. Some filters are associated in the air conditioner itself. Currently, most filters are disposable, but there are some models that are re-usable. When the system is in heavy use, the filter should be changed monthly or every other month. If there are special circumstances like dusty environments, hairy, shedding pets or other pollutants, the filters should be changed more frequently. HEPA produces filters that filter most contagions from the air. These are not only necessary for allergy relief, but they allow the system to function at their energy standards and above. Regular filters will not affect performance, but they do need to be changed at a higher frequency than more quality filters.

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