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Show Your Las Vegas Water Heater Some T.L.C.

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Importance of Annual Maintenance of Water Heaters

Most people install water heater systems and forget about them. The only time they remember about them is when they realize that the water is cold in the shower due to a breakdown of the system. It is very important to hire a professional plumber in the Las Vegas area to inspect your heaters at least once a year to ensure they remain in good shape.

Las Vegas, NV Annual Plumbing Maintenance ServicesIt is very easy to know that your water heater is faulty if you notice the following occurrences:

• If it does not produce hot water

• Emission of a foul smell like that of a rotten egg

• Instances of water leakage

• Insufficient supply of hot water

• Spots of rust in the water

• Popping noise

• Some corrosions and leaks

Immediately you discover any of the signs mentioned above, call a plumber immediately to avoid further damage. Do not attempt doing the repair yourself as you might make the situation even worse.

Steps in the maintenance process

• Inspection of the anode rods-, the anode rods are made of magnesium or aluminum, and they prevent the hot water tank from rusting. You should check them on a yearly basis to ensure they are in perfect working condition

• Flushing- flash out the water in your water heater yearly to wash out any sediment that might have settled in the tank.

• Draining- if you are away for some time maybe during winter, drain the tank completely. It is a measure to avoid flooding when you are away.

• Checking the pipes- make sure, you inspect the pipes for any leaks or damages that might tamper with your water heater. Replace damaged pipes immediately.

• Checking the T& Valve- the temperature and pressure relief valve
Importance of maintenance

• It Saves You Money And Increases Efficiency

The sediment that settles at the bottom of the water heater makes the heater inefficient as it lowers the boiling point of the water. It also makes the water take a longer time to heat, thereby wasting energy and time. It is, therefore, crucial that you get rid of the sediment through flushing as this will save you money on bills and time spent on heating.

• Minimize The Chances Of Costly Breakdowns

If you get a professional plumber to inspect your water heater yearly, you will be able to detect and repair minor damages, therefore, preventing major breakdowns in future.

• Avoid Awful Surprises

It is good to have regular maintenance to your Las Vegas water heaters to avoid having cold showers and flooding in the basement due to broken water heaters.

If you haven't had your Las Vegas, NV plumbing system checked out, there's no better time than now to call Anytime Plumbing, Inc at 702-362-9300!

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