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A Slow, Weak Flush Could be a Sign of a Deeper Issue

Published by Parisa Ostovari

3 Potential Causes of a Slow-Flushing Toilet

Having a toilet that doesn't flush properly has the potential to be more than a minor inconvenience; if left untreated long enough, it can wind up costing a person hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair or replace it.

That's why it's so important to seek the assistance of a professional plumber at the first sign of stagnancy. There are three likely causes to your toilet's sudden decrease in efficiency.

Las Vegas Toilet Repair ServicesDrain Blockage

If your toilet is a newer one, the most likely culprit is a drain blockage. This can happen when a person tries to flush large wads of toilet paper at a time. It's also common for people to flush other waste down the toilet as well, such as Q-Tips, cotton balls, dental floss, feminine pads, and paper towels.

Toilets are not built to be able to adequately dispose of items like these, so it is best to dispose of these in your bathroom trash can to avoid future blockages. Blockages that you are able to see blocking your toilet drain are easy to remove manually, but some blockages are further down the drain. These are the types of blockages that need to be removed by a professional.

Water Level

A toilet needs an appropriate amount of water to be able to completely and efficiently dispose of waste. If a toilet's water level is too low, it will not flush properly.

Some people take it upon themselves to lower the tank's water level in order to save money on their water bill. This will actually cost more in the long run since this prevents the toilet from flushing properly and may require two flushes instead of one per use. In order to keep your toilet functioning properly, it is vital that the tank's water level always be kept at the water tank's fill line.

Inner Substance Buildup

Like any appliance or fixture, a toilet has to be regularly cleaned and maintained. When a toilet is not regularly maintained, a substance called sediment can build up on the inside of the toilet's water inlet.

The water inlet is the device that fills up the toilet bowl with water. When these inlets get an accumulation sediment, it becomes more difficult for water to pass through them. This results in less water being used per flush even though the tank is filled with water.

Your Las Vegas toilet issues can be a nuisance. Call Anytime Plumbing, Inc at 702-362-9300 today, and get your toilet working!

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