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Do You Suspect a Slab Leak

Published by Parisa Ostovari

Top 5 Signs of Slab Leak


Contractor SeriesYou could stop ten people on the street who looked like they might be homeowners and ask them if they knew what a slab leak was, and you will probably get ten different answers. So in case you missed the memo, slab leaks are leaks that occur under your concrete slab, be it your home or business foundation.


What Is The Cause Of Slab Leaks?

When the piping that rests underneath the foundation suddenly goes haywire due to several reasons; mostly deterioration, tiny pinhole leaks in your plumbing is the result. The main causes for slab leaks run the gamut from a kinked line, high water pressure, shifting of your foundations, or a "nicked" line by another line. Your local, experienced plumbing company may also suggest that the cause might also be the result of poor plumbing craftsmanship or workmanship by an egregious company.


There Are Many Early Signs Of A Possible Slab Leak; Here Are The Top 5.

The common symptoms listed below are:


* Hot Spots on the flooring and carpet of your home, that suddenly appear.
* You hear water running somewhere in your home when there is nobody at home except you and your dog who hasn't been known to turn on faucets. This is the time to quickly check your water meter outside for movement. If you know the location of your main water line (and you should) shut it off, and call your plumber.
* A sudden and drastic rise in your water bill that wasn't there last month. If you or your family haven't made any changes in your routine, you may have a slab leak, but your plumbing company will know for sure.
* Unusual smells like moldy odors that suddenly permeate the interior of your home.
* Baseboard separations from the wall in one or more of your rooms.


Are Slab Leak Repairs Covered By An Insurance Policy?
young man looking up with a magnifying glass
Most companies cover collateral damage costs related to repair work that would include leaking pipes, and damage to walls and floors. But they won't cover the costs of repairing the actual pipe, materials, and new pipe installation. A slab repair typically takes about two days depending on the finishes like flooring, patching and painting. The cost may be expensive, but overall, the homeowner hasn't much of a choice.


Slab Leaks can be sneaky. Don't delay, call the professionals of Anytime Plumbing, Inc at (702) 362-9300 to inspect your Las Vegas area home! 

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