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Do You Suspect a Water Leak in Your Home?

Published by Parisa Ostovari

flooding bathroomIdentifying and Preventing Water Leaks

Many people fail to realize that they have a leak within their home's plumbing system until an unusually expensive water bill or mold manifests. However, by that time not only will you have to pay for all the water that was wasted due to the leak, you also have to deal with the costs associated with removing mold as well.
There are several things you can do to ensure that you can identify any possible leaks that may be occurring as well as preventing them in the first place.


How Do You Identify Water Leaks In Your Home?
The process of evaluating your home for any possible leaks is relatively simple. One of the things so you can do is to check the back of your toilet, washing machine and dishwasher. Besides that, you can check to see if there may be a leak underground by shutting off the main shut-off valve of your house's pipeline.

Once you do this, check the meter to see if the dial is moving regardless of the fact that you have turned off the main valve. If the dial continues to move, you may have a leak that is between the meter and your home. 

Another common sing of a leak is an unusually high water bill. If your water bill for example, usually equates to $100 per month on average, then shoots up dramatically in a span of one month, that may be a strong indicator that you have a leak.


What Are Some Of The Causes Of Water Leaks?
A leak can occur for several reasons, however, two of the most common causes of a leak are burst pipes and a clog. Said in simple terms, if you fail to winterize your pipes effectively, the water within it may freeze, causing the water to become solidified and expand. This expansion can push the pipe to its breaking point and cause it burst and ultimately leak.

Another common cause of water leaks are clogs. If there is a clog within your sink for example, it can cause the pressure within your pipeline's infrastructure to increase and ultimately cause the pipes to burst. Some other causes of water leaks include:

  • Corrosion
  • Rust
  • Roots within the plumbing system
  • Shifting of pipes
  • CondensationDepositphotos_2465683_s


How Do You Prevent Water Leaks From Happening?

A leak can occur for several reasons. As such, the best defensive measure that you can take is to hire a local plumber to conduct a yearly maintenance check.

If you think there may be a water leak in or around your Las Vegas area home, don't hesitate to call the professionals of Anytime Plumbing, Inc at (702) 362-9300! Our experienced and friendly staff will have your leak fixed in no time!  
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