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How to Take Care of Your Water Heater

Published by Parisa Ostovari

How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why?

Every Las Vegas homeowner should know how to drain their water heater for a number of reasons: water heaters should be drained yearly to increase efficiency; plumbers providing repairs need to work with an empty tank; and water heaters being removed must be empty.

While most plumbing tasks require a professional's expertise, anybody can drain a water heater. Keep in mind that most homeowners should not actually repair or replace a water heater on their own, as plumbing repairs should be left to professional plumbers.

Las Vegas, NV | Water Heater ServicesProcure the Necessary Tools for Proper Drainage

The water heater's contents are meant to be dumped away from a home, careful not to pour water near the foundation of the home or nearby structures. Having a hose long enough to reach comfortably from the water heater to the dumping location is entirely necessary.

If multiple hoses are required to safely relocate the water, ensure that the couplings are tightened snugly to prevent leakage. A wrench to tighten the hose and a towel to clean dry up water are also recommended, but not necessary.

Prepare the Water Heater

Turn the water supply to the tank off, which is usually located on the top of the tank. Then, locate the breaker box of your Las Vegas home and flip the switch. Don't be afraid to turn the entire breaker off if the water heater's breaker can't be determined with certainty -- never risk electrocution.

Draining the Tank

Roll the hose outside to the dumping location, open any nearby sinks' hot water valves, and open the water heater's drain valve. The drainage should not take long, so be sure to closely supervise the water heater throughout the process. If any water leaks, immediately shut the drain valve off until the leak is plugged.

Finishing Up

Disconnect the hose from the water heater and roll it outside. Any excess water caught in the hose will drain outdoors if rolled outside. Turn the water supply to the water heater on and flip the breaker.

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