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The Longevity of a Water Heater

Published by Parisa Ostovari

A Hot Water Heater and its Longevity


Hot water heaters have evolved with modern technology. Today’s compact wall mounted heat on demand provides hot water by the turn of a faucet handle. A wall mount tank will free up floor space in a utility room or basement. Prewired models are simple to install if a 210 outlet is installed near the wall mounted heater.

Ask an electrician if the electric panel is sufficient to carry the voltage. Since the wall mount hot water on demand only requires electricity when it is in use, this lower power consumption will benefit the homeowner. Hot water on demand heaters longevity span is considered to be between 20 and 30 years.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser for the Kitchen

A small one-gallon or less instant hot water tank is stored underneath the sink. A separate, stylish faucet installed on the kitchen sink gives the cook or family member instant access to a hot water source near boiling point for instant food or hot beverages. These dispensers are durable and should last for several years with care.

Stand Along Hot Water Tanked Units

Standard models of hot water heaters are upright with a water tank capacity that ranges from 30 to 100 gallons. These tanks require a constant heat source, and do not supply hot water on demand. When hot water is dispensed, cold water takes its place and must be heated. The power behind the heat source for upright tank water heaters will range from natural gas, butane gas, oil, and electricity.

Tanked water heaters create a demand for a constant heat source. This can hinder use of hot water for the user’s family during showers and other activities that require an immediate hot water source. With care, hot water heaters will last up to ten years.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar collectors on rooftops in southern states produce more energy. They are the most energy efficient source of power for the home. There are two types of solar hot water heaters and they are the active with a pump that circulates water and the passive, which is not as efficient.

Solar water heaters also require a water tank. This type of water heater requires a backup system when the sky is cloudy. The Solar heater may have one of the following a heat exchangers or an oil transfer heater. Contact your local solar expert for help in deciding which unit will work best for you. With proper maintenance this system should last for twenty or more years.

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