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3 Reasons Why Upgrading to Energy Efficient AC is a Safe Bet

Published by Parisa Ostovari

3 Reasons Why Upgrading to Energy Efficient AC is a Safe Bet

As residents of the Las Vegas area, we’re pretty familiar with the concept of gambling, to say the least. When it comes to the tourists hitting the strip, oftentimes they don’t realize there is no such thing as a truly safe bet.

However, once you leave the confines of the casinos where the house always wins, there are a few safe bets in life. Thankfully, one such safe bet is upgrading your HVAC system to a more energy efficient one.

While there is an upfront cost, in the long run, choosing a more efficient option will leave you cooler, happier and with a little bit more cash in your wallet.

Instead of Red or Black, Choose Green

goodenvironmentThe first benefit of upgrading your HVAC system comes to our environment. Humans have a massive impact on our planet, consuming tons of natural resources and energy and helping to emit greenhouse gasses.

In our residences, few things use more energy than our air conditioners, especially in Las Vegas, where we get a lot of use out of our systems.

Not only does climate control take up a lot of energy but a lot of those resources are also wasted when the systems on when you’re not home. In addition, air conditioners make up a large part of our carbon footprint, emitting gasses as part of the process of cooling.

Big cities can have so much air conditioning that the hot air that is a byproduct of cooling can actually create hot zones in the city and alter weather patterns. Upgrading your unit helps reduce your impact on these problems.

You Don’t Need to Go All-In to Go Green

Sometimes, there is a thought that going green and upgrading has to cost you a ton of money. On the contrary, this choice can actually help save you money in a few key ways.

    • savemoneyThere are many programs, often offered by manufacturers and state and local governments to incentivize customers to make energy efficient choices. While these programs rotate regularly, an expert at Anytime Plumbing, Inc can help you find the best deal or rebate for your upgrade.
    • Older systems not only use more energy, but they also waste a ton of energy as well. There is a measurement called AFUE which stands for the annual fuel utilization efficiency. It measures how much of the energy that your HVAC system uses that goes wasted. Older systems can have a score of 70 or lower, meaning they waste at least 30% of the energy that goes into it. New systems have scores of 93 or above, cutting your energy waste by 400%. The savings on your energy bill are evident right away.

Your House Efficiency Always Wins

efficiencyIt’s hard to avoid the fact that it’s hot in Vegas. After all, we are one of the most air-conditioned cities in the country because we face so much hot weather. That means that climate-controlled comfort is a big deal to us.

Newer systems will provide more accurate and consistent cooling than older systems, due in large part to new technology. Newer HVAC systems use variable speed engines which get your house to the desired temperature more quickly and keep it there for the long term.

Your house will always win when you upgrade. If you have any questions or concerns about upgrading your system, feel free to contact an expert at Anytime Plumbing, Inc by calling at (702) 362-9300 and we’ll be happy to help.

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